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Thursday, May 3, 2012

AAPEX introduces Cabaret Songwriting Workshop

Study songwriting with me and learn how to write silly shit like this!


You take a little bit of Hong Kong and add a touch of New Orleans
You take a little bit of Timbuktu, throw in Manhattan and Queens
And then you stick 'em down in Dixie, which is somewhere in between
And tell me what you've got - Hotlanta, Yeah!

You take sophisticated living and slow it down to a crawl
And then you flavor all your phrases with a slight southern drawl
And if you're lucky they'll invite you to some Debutante's ball
And you can have it all Y'all In Hotlanta, Yeah

Hop aboard a train, take a bus or a train
Just do anything and get on down then you can
Stroll among magnolias where the living is fine in that
Crazy town below the Mason Dixon Line.

You take a little bit of Gershwin, throw in some Dixie land beat
And then you work it up and run it down On Peachtree Street
And when they hear it they'll say that It's incredibly sweet
Cause it's the music from......
HOTLANTA yeah, Hotlanta YEAH, Hotlanta, Yeah
Cause it's the music from Hotlanta, Yeah, Hotlanta, Yeah!

© 1981 by Jaz Dorsey

5 lessons for $100.00 


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