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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Opera Composer Wanted

Wanted! Classical music composer interested in writing music for a new African American opera based on a locally produced stage play and film by a local writer/producer. The work is in English and the producer is looking for the music to be fused with Jazz and Blues with a Gershwin feel. Must be able to work collaboratively with the playwright and director in writing the music within the structure of the story. Experience preferred, in at least writing a stage musical, but not necessary. Salary negotiable. Send resume and sample of your work via CD to here or call 804.305.5029 for more information.


  1. Greetings -

    Still seeking your opera composer?

    If so, am just such a beast -- about whose spirituals American Gospel Music specialist Dr. Horace Boyer, from the University of Massachusetts, proclaimed, "How did you DO that??!"

    Do let me know.


    Joseph Andrew Marcello

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