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Monday, May 13, 2013

Looking for a play to produce (DC)

Taja Winston
Looking for a play to produce! I'm located in the Washington DC area and found a black box to rent out at a reasonable price and decent good location.

 I'm interested in directing/producing a play with a minimal set and not too many actors. I'm considering "Oleanna" or anything Mammet, Eugene O'Neil, you get the picture. Any suggestions would be great! Or, if you have written a play that you think is appropriate for a black box and are interested in my using it I'd love to be in contact!

 About Me: I have a BA in theatre and self produced a one woman show for my theatre capstone project.

To contact Taja, you will need to join the Playwrights Group on LinkedIn (a free service).

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  1. Hello everyone, THIS IS TAJA! I was unaware that my post had been linked to this site, but I am ecstatic that is has been! As I have been receiving plays I wanted to better define what I am looking for:

    A 2 to 6 person cast; no one person shows
    Preference given to dramas or dark comedies
    Full length plays or a series of One Acts that combine to a full length play
    Please no period pieces
    Minimal/Flexible set

    Thank you everyone for your submissions! I try to respond to everyone who messages me. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or TajaWinston@yahoo.com