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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Note from Jaz...

First of all - please save the date and invite all your friends to our reading of THE CHITTLIN THIEF at Mocha Hut on U Street at 4:30 pm on Sunday, October 21. THE CHITTLIN THIEF is by Ohio playwright Mike Oatman. I can't say enough about this hysterical look at the stress of racism and prejudice in contemporary America, so I won't say anything at all except BE THERE ( We need a big turn out so Mocha Hut will want us back again with YOUR scripts.) And where better for us to be than on The Black Broadway, as U Street is historically known.

ANY EXCUSE TO GO TO NYC. But this is a pretty good one. Tuesday, November 13 should be a festive evening at the NYC Gay and Lesbian Center when Alan Sharpe and his DC actors run up to the city for a reading of Alan's excellent one act AULD LANG SYNE. "Auld Lang Syne" is all about the hassle of love - no wait - make that the HUSTLE of love. Alan and his cast will be joined by our man Owa and a reading of his short play FUNNYLINGUS which will star Topaz Leonard & Victor Ramasay under the direction of the enigmatic "Boss" Ewing. The evening will also feature a performance of LIES OF HANDSOME MEN by one of NYC's most amazing songwriters, the unstopable Francesca Blumenthal. Check out Cleo Lane's stunning recording of this brilliant song - but don't fail to be there when chanteuse extrodinaire TOPAZ lays out her own legendary rendition.

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