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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fisk University shutting its doors?

According to last night's Nashville TV news, Fisk University is looking at having to close it's doors. Over the past 10 months of reading more about African American history and theater history, I can hardly get through a chapter or an essay without discovering another significant American artist or scholar who went to Fisk or taught there at some point in their academic career. As one of our associates remarked, Fisk is a BEACON. And of course, after our very sucessful reading of Lois Wiley's play and Professor Felder Fentress' interest in the work of AAPEX writers, Fisk is important to us as theater artists. On Monday I plan to talk with the development department there and find out what the full story is, but if you would be interested in staying informed about the situation, please let me know. Fisk is reaching out for support and it would certainly behoove us all to do what we can.

Jaz Dorsey
PS: We had a great reading of THE CHITTLIN THIEF in DC and there have been several requests to see the script.

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