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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Broken Sticks of Justice

When I was in Erwin, Tennessee, I met a fellow who has written a most interesting book. Anthony is white but in high scool he sported an Afro and was often the target of racism. This is in a town that either lynched or ran out of town all it's black residents in 1917 and hasn't had a black resident since. Anthony's experience followed him beyond high school and gave him a very bizarre perspective on racism, which he has put into a book called BROKEN STICKS OF JUSTICE.

Jaz Dorsey

From the Press Release for BROKEN STICKS OF JUSTICE:

Not since Shindler’s List has a book been written that captures the core of hatred shown to a race of humans than exposed in Broken Sticks of Justice. The only problem, this isn’t Nazi Germany. The author, Anthony C. White, explores the life of a bi-racial man, Jeremiah Jacobs, who was a direct descendant of a group of African-Americans that were brutally forced from their homes amidst a blaze of murder and violence in 1918. This is the story of his fight for justice against a group of terrorists, The First Reich of the European-Aryan Nation, which had risen from within the same town where the murder of his ancestors had taken place. This book is about unadulterated justice in its truest form.

In Broken Sticks of Justice, the author attempts to answer the question, which are worse, racists or terrorist? In the first case you have terrorists that kill the innocent for a religious cause. On the other hand, you have racists that kill and hate the innocent because they have a different skin color with no cause. They’re both the darkest most pathetic side of humanity. Within the story line, the author also illustrates the parallels between racism and terrorism and how they still reach into modern society and destroy the lives of the innocent.

Contact: Anthony Curtis White
181 White Street
Erwin, TN 37650
anthonycurtiswhite@yahoo.comPhone (423)-735-5757 Cell (423)-388-9241

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