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Monday, February 13, 2012

CROWNS encore sells out in 36 hours (Nashville)

NOW I know what it feels like to be part of a hit show, which is the only way to describe the current production of CROWNS at Christ Church Cathedral.

But I can't get you tickets

That the show sold out before it opened is no surprise - CROWNS has already been the biggest box office hit EVER at Arena Stage in Washington, DC. The fun part - which was very "New York" if you will, was when friends started contacting me with "I can't get tickets - can you get me tickets?"

Which I couldn't.

Even the playwright, Regina Taylor, came to see the show this past Thursday.

The upcoming Encore performance on Feb. 17 also sold out within 36 hours of the tickets going on sale and there is no doubt in my mind that this could go on indefinitely.

Which brings us to THE problem of the American theatre, which is, what do you do if you have a hit?

I can tell you what people in New York do.

They put the tickets onsale and keep the show running for as long as the tickets keep selling.

Sadly that is not an option for those of us who choose to live and work outside of the Big Apple. Out here in the provinces you get your two or three week run and that's about it.

Which is to say that, in fact, the theatre IS a profession in New York and not so much other places like, say, here in Nashville. Your Phd. in theatre from Yale notwithstanding.

But that could change.

Come to Nashville and Go to the Theatre!

Jaz Dorsey
The African American Playwrights Exchange
Nashville, Tennessee

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