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Monday, June 4, 2012

Atlanta Nu-Works Theatre Fest (Submissions due 8/3)

"The DreamCatcher Collective (a 501c3) is proud to announce its 2012 Inaugural Atlanta Nu-Works Theatre Festival, a 3-day festival celebrating diversity through the Arts. This festival will highlight emerging works and artists from around the world in the growing theatre community of Atlanta, GA, October 19 – October 21, 2012.

Submission Categories: • Full-Length Plays • Short Plays • Children's Plays • SKool Daze Competition • "Just Scripted" Table Reading Series • Workshops

We are looking for works in all genres; including pieces that incorporate movement, dance, and music. To be eligible to submit, each piece must address a social concern and highlight a person of color in one of four roles: Playwright, Director, Producer, or Lead Actor. This criterion is inapplicable to the Workshop Proposals.

Playwrights of all skill levels are encouraged to submit. All chosen Full-length Plays, Short Plays, Children's Plays, and Scripts ("Just Scripted" Reading Series) will be required to submit a participation fee based on the size and location of the project. Cash prizes will be offered to the top pieces in a series of categories.

*Why participate?*
For many, this will be the only opportunity he/she will have to produce/perform or have their work produced/performed before a major audience at a major venue. It will provide enormous opportunities for writers, actors, producers, directors, stage managers, etc. to engage their respective crafts. We will have a series of meet and greets for Playwrights and Directors to cast their works. In addition to all of this, it will be held at one of Atlanta's top theatrical venues. The DreamCatcher Collective firmly believes in providing opportunities for emerging and veteran artists. This is why we've launched the Atlanta New Works Theatre Festival. It will provide an opportunity for all artists to grow and develop. Collectively!

This festival is guaranteed to be exciting and provide a mind-blowing artistic experience to all people. Art has always been a tool of enlightenment, exploration, and change. Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of artists, experiences, and ideas in an attempt to collectively grow, expand, and evolve where at the end of this experience we all leave as better people. So whether you're a veteran, a novice; old or young; Republican or Democrat; Black, White, or Blue; male or female; gay or straight; Christian or Muslim; At this "table"(Festival), there is space for you.

Application fees are $25, $20, $15, and Free***
• Short Plays: Running time MUST NOT exceed 30 minutes in length.($25 submission fee) • Full-length Plays: Running time MUST NOT exceed 90 minutes in length. ($20 submission fee)

• Children's Plays: Plays written for High School, Middle School,and/or Elementary Students – Running time MUST NOT exceed 60 minutes ($0 submission fee)

• "Just Scripted" Reading Series: Running time MUST NOT exceed 90 minutes in length. ($15 submission fee)

• Young Playwright: Plays written and submitted by Playwrights under 18 years of age – must submit proof of age ($0 submission fee)

• SKool Daze Competition: Plays submitted for competition by High School Theatre Groups ($0 submission fee)

• Workshops: Running time MUST NOT exceed 90 minutes in length. ($0 submission fee)

For more information or to submit your application, please go to If you have any questions, please contact the ANWTF Staff at

Deadline for all submissions are Friday, August 3, 2012. -- *Remember...Dreams Don't Have Deadlines!*"

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  1. We are really excited about this Festival! It's truly the first festival of its kind. We are celebrating Diversity throught the Arts, but we are only interested in new works or interpretations. Where else are you going to play a major theatrical venue for less than $250? I have the answer for you...NOWHERE!