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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Save Funding for Black NYC Theatre

Tom Finkelpearl, Commissioner

Edwin Torres, Acting Commissioner 
Cultural Institutions 

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs 
31 Chambers Street, 2nd Floor 
New York, NY 10007 

Dear_____________________: I am writing to urge the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs to reconsider/restore funding) of theatre’s Historic Black Theatre Organizations. My concerns focus on but are not limited to the drastic cuts in funding and/or de-funding of the Negro Ensemble Company, New Federal Theatre and the Roger Furman New Heritage Repertory Theatre Company. They bring awareness, education and entertainment to the Black Community and the City at large. National and international partnerships have promoted culture exchange through internship, performances, productions and special events. 

For these reasons I urge the Department of Cultural affairs to restore funding to these organizations that lay the groundwork for awareness, education, employment, community involvement, entertainment and more. 

Thank you for your attention to matter. 


(Your Name) 

Cc: Honorable Bill de Blasio 
Mayor of the City of New York 
City Hall 
New York, NY 10007

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