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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BLAST is a blast at TPAC (Nashville)

Review of BLAST by Jaz Dorsey

I go to the theatre to see and review plays. Last night I went to see BLAST.

BLAST is not a play. There is no way I can "review" it except with regard to how much I enjoyed it. It is an extraordinary show.

And it does have characters and those characters are the amazing array of instruments from the Tuba to the Marimba and the wonderful young artists who not only can play them, but dance, sing and act with them as well.

Add to that an almost hallucinogenic light show, brilliant choreography from many eras and cultures, smart costumes and the wonderful wonderful music and BLAST gives you the kind of thrills and chills that make it unforgettable.

BLAST runs through this Sunday, October 2 and the 411 is at

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