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Friday, September 30, 2011

Political Vaudeville

Political Vaudeville!
Jaz Dorsey

As we go careening into another election year with our economy evaporating in to cyberspace, isn't it about time someone had a little FUN IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

Growing up to be the President
Isn't that what America meant
It doesn't matter, poor or rich
Good guy or a son of a bitch

O we'll have fun in the White House
Wait and see
It's just the right house for you and me
We'll party away international gloom
Smoking a blunt in the Oval Room.

But if you want to get elected
Then you have got to be respected
And if you want to be respected
Then you have got to get elected
And if you want to get elected
And if you want to be respected
You'd better tell them what they want to hear
Or you'll probably get rejected
And then instead of making headlines
You'll be standing in the bread lines
And you can't change anything there

Chinks and Pollacks, Wops and Spics
All get involved in politics
We may not like it but what can we say - We're
Victims of the American Way!

Fun in the White House
What the heck
Who cares if the country is a
Nervous wreck
To lighten up a day which is rainy
We can blow up Sadam Hussein- y

Come to Nashville and Go to the Theatre!

Copyright 1988 by Jaz Dorsey
First produced at in the George Lawes production of FAUST FOR PRESIDENT at The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.


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