Tuesday, December 25, 2012

AAPEX 2013

The African American Playwrights' Exchange kicks off 2013 with a new partnership. In September, I signed on as the Managing Director/Dramaturge for The Spiral Theatre Studio in NYC. One treasure that I bring to the table is a catalog of brilliant, unproduced scripts by the writers of the AAPEX network. 

The Spiral Theatre Studio will start our first year with a new play reading series. 

On Thursday, March 14 (date subject to change) we will inaugurate the AAPEX/Spiral relationship with a special reading of THE CARELESSNESS OF LOVE by Michael Dinwiddie at The Players Club in New York City. 

For those of you who do not know him, Dr. Dinwiddie is a professor at NYU's Galatin School and was recently elected President of The BlackTheatre Network. Without folks like Michael, who put aside their own artistic endeavors to teach, mentor and serve our community, progress would not be made. We can all thank him by supporting his work as a playwright and especially his stunning play about the amazing Grimké clan. If the Grimkés are unknown to you, google Archibald Grimké and his playwright daughter, Angelina Weld Grimké, whose radical play RACHEL rattled the NAACP back in the day. 

Read all about it in Dr. Henry Miller's swell book, THEORIZING BLACK THEATRE

In the field of historical revisionism, theatre is the greatest tool we have. I'm sure you'll agree after you have heard Dr. Dinwiddie's play. 

So please save the date! And if you can, also plan to join us at our New Year's kick off, with a reading of Coni Koepfinger's metaphysical conundrum GARRETT THE BLUE GIRAFFE on Thursday, January 3rd - also at The Players Club. Reservations required, so contact me if you can attend.

Merry Christmas, 

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